How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading - Mobile - There’s a reason why a huge number of individuals adore iPhones and Apple devices in general.

There’s a reason why a huge number of individuals adore iPhones and Apple devices in general. That’s because they generally work great and don’t keep running into issues again and again. In any case, there are few issues that pop-up now and then, even on the iPhones. We recently came across a problem in the iPhone, where applications did not download from the App Store. As we discovered through different forums and threads, we are not the only ones facing the issue. The good thing is, we have found a number of different solutions that ought to fix up the App Store. Along these lines, without further ado, here’s how to fix iPhone apps stuck on downloading:

1. Refresh your Apple ID

You can simply sign out and sign in back to App Store through your Apple ID to fix the store. To do this, go to Settings->iTunes & App Stores and tap on the Apple ID. In the options that pop-up, select “Sign Out“.

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
Refresh your Apple ID

Once done, reboot your iPhone and then head back to the same page and sign back into the App Store through your Apple ID. Once done, open the App Store and start downloading applications and they should start like normal. This is a really simple trick,that has worked for a number of people facing the issue of applications not downloading the iPhone, so you should give it a try.

2. Reset Settings

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
Reset Settings

If the above-mentioned way does not get your apps to start downloading, you should reset all settings. To do it, go Settings->General->Reset and tap on “Reset All Settings“. Then, enter your iPhone’s passcode and tap “Reset All Settings”. After which, the device should restart with all your app settings reset. Then, head over to the App Store, enter your Apple ID and start downloading apps and they should download fine. You can also “Reset home screen layout” because even this option has apparently worked for some users.


Note: This will remove all your application settings but will make sure all your data remains intact.

3. Install apps from iTunes

Another way to fix this problem is by trying to install the stuck apps through iTunes on Windows or macOS. To do that, connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac and hit the phone button to check out your iPhone’s details. Here, go to the iTunes app store and download the apps you want. Once downloaded, go to the Apps section and install these apps. After you’ve installed new apps from iTunes, open the App Store on your iPhone and try installing apps. Chances are, the apps will install without a fuss.

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
Install apps from iTunes

4. Enable Cellular data to download apps

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
Enable Cellular data to download apps

The App Store does not let you install apps over cellular data by default, so if you are trying to download an app from the App Store over mobile data then it’s no surprise that your download is stuck. Well, you can enable cellular data usage to download apps by turning on the “Use Mobile Data” option in Settings->iTunes & App Store. Once enabled, your app downloads should work fine.

5. Restart download of apps

You can even try restarting app downloads to kickstart your downloads. Head over to the App Store and go to the “Updates” tab and here, go to “Purchased“. Here, you will find the apps that you have purchased or the apps that are stuck on downloading. Just stop the app downloads and hit the cloud icon to restart downloads. This trick too seems to be working for a number of iPhone users, so if the ways above don’t work for you, you can try this out.

How to fix iPhone Apps Stuck on Downloading
Restart download of apps

Kickstart your stuck app downloads on your iPhone with these ways

If the aforementioned ways don’t work, you can factory reset your iPhone as a last resort but we are pretty sure that these ways will fix the stuck app downloads on your iPhone. So, try them out and get back to downloading your favorite applications on your iPhone.

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