10 Great Open Source Apps for Android

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android – mobile – Android has been known as an open-source operating system, with its source code accessible for everybody to

Android has been known as an open-source operating system, with its source code accessible for everybody to tinker around. In any case, that’s not the case with most Android applications despite the fact that we would adore to see more open-source Android applications. Well, there are various reasons to support the development and custom of open source applications for both businesses and individuals. These applications bring more security, implement ideas from the community, are flexible & accessible to audit and are mostly free or affordable. Also, businesses and developers can utilize the codes from these applications to include functionality to their own programs. Gratefully, there are some cool open-source applications accessible for Android.

So, if you have been seeing around to discover the coolest open-source applications for Android, stop seeing because here are 10 best open-source applications for Android:

Note: We are only adding applications that are accessible on the Google Play Store. We have also ensured to add source code links from GitHub, if that interests you.

1. Amaze File Manager

There are huge amounts of good file manager applications accessible on the Play Store however Amaze manages to stand out due to some of its cool features wrapped in a lovely Material Design User Interface. The file manager packs in all the basic features alongside SMB sharing, navigation drawer to jump between folders rapidly, application manager, root explorer and the capability to bookmark files.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android
Amaze File Manager

Install: (Free) (GitHub)

2. VLC

We are all aware of the VLC media player however did you realize that it’s accessible as an open-source application. VLC for Android gives support for most audio and video codecs alongside network streaming. It additionally adds cool features like media library, ability to browse folders, multi-track audio, gestures for volume, seeking & brightness and some more.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android

Install: (Free) (GitHub)

3. Signal Private Messenger

We have as of now discussed Signal in our list of great secure messenger applications and it deserves a mention here as well, because of its open-source credentials. The messenger gives the normal messaging features alongside support for voice calls yet its USP lies in its security features like end to end encryption to chats and cryptographic protocols.

Install: (Free) (GitHub)

4. ML Manager

ML Manager is a simple application manager for Android that gives you to extract APK files from installed applications & games and share them with easy. Also, you can share APK files of even system applications. The Pro version of the application gives more features like capability to hide applications from launcher, uninstall system applications and remove cache per application.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android
ML Manager

Install: (Free with Pro version at $1.43) (GitHub)

5. AntennaPod

AntennaPod is a podcast manager application that gives you to stream or download millions of podcasts (free and paid) from a lot of publishers. Alongside the bigwigs like BBC, CNN etc. it gives podcasts from independent publishers too. There are cool playback features as well like queue, adjustable playback speed, sleep timer and chapter support.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android

Install: (Free with in-app purchases) (GitHub)

6. Lightning Web Browser

The Lightning browser is as lightweight as it gets at around 2 MB in size. Yet, it still packs-in all the features we expect from a present day browser. The Web Kit based browser includes a few unique features like different color modes, all the popular search engines to utilize from, user agents, reading mode and more. While Lightning is free, it’s accessible in a paid version as well that gives AdBlock and unlimited tabs.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android
Lightning Web Browser

Install: (Free with paid version at $1.50) (GitHub)

7. Wikipedia

Wikipedia wants no introduction but its official open-source Android application does! The application gives a number of cool features to create Wikipedia browsing a breeze on Android. The features such as link previews, tabbed browsing, “define” button, table of contents etc. create the user experience on the application a pleasure.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android

Install: (Free) (GitHub)

8. K-9 Mail

K-9 Mail does not have the aesthetic beauty of different email clients on Android but it makes up via the features it provides. The email client bolsters IMAP, POP3 and Exchange support and brings features such as search, push mail, multi-folder synchronize, flagging, self-bcc and some more.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android
K-9 Mail

Install: (Free) (GitHub)


There are some extremely cool SMS applications available nowadays and QKSMS is certainly one of them. The SMS application includes a huge amount of choices alongside different choices to customize the look of the application. Some really notable features of the application include delayed messaging, popup support, auto emojis, split SMS and some more. Overall, QKSMS is a highly feature-rich application yet extremely subtle in its approach.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android

Install: (Free with in-app purchases) (GitHub)

10. Material Audiobook Player

If you need a simple audiobook player with no complicating alternatives and features, the Material Audiobook Player is highly suggested.  The application gives you to choose the folders where you have your audiobooks saved and gives you the options to hide these audiobook files from music players, which is much appreciated. It additionally includes choices to adjust playback speed, bookmark books, sleep timer and remembers where you cleared out things off.

10 Great Open Source Apps for Android
Material Audiobook Player

Install: (Free) (GitHub)

Aren’t these open-source Android apps really amazing?

Well, if our opinion matters, these indeed are some very cool open-source apps. These are some great apps even if we don’t consider the open-source moniker. So, take a look at these apps and let us know what you think of them. You can also take a look at some of the other great open-source apps available over at F-Droid (catalog of open-source software), since not all open-source apps are available on the Play Store.

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