TCS Ninja Test pattern and Syllabus

Answer : The test pattern for TCS enrollment 2021 is given below.

TCS Ninja Test pattern and Syllabus

  • The test pattern for TCS enrollment 2021 is given below.
Section Duration No. of Questions
English 10 mins 10
Quantitative Aptitude 40 mins 20
Programming Concepts 20 mins 10
Coding 20 mins 1

At one time you clear the TCS online test, then students will be called for personal interview. Post the assessment, interview date and location will be communicated to the candidates personally.

TCS Ninja Off Campus Drive – Syllabus

TCS Ninja – Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

TCS Ninja – Verbal Ability Syllabus

TCS Ninja Programming Syllabus

Programming Concepts:


Data Structures:


  • TCS Ninja Coding Question with Solution -> Click Here


  • Only One question, 20 minutes.
  • Choice of / C++ / Java / Perl / Python 2.7.
  • Provided an IDE to debug.
  • For Java, the class name should be named Maze.
  • Input to the program either through STDIN / Command line arguments, as per the instructions.
  • Program should write the output to STDOUT.
  • Public and private test cases based evaluation.
  • While printing the output no leading or trailing spaces should be printed.
  • Other than the required output, no other text should be printed.
  • If the output is a number, no leading sign must be printed unless it is a negative number.
  • No scientific notation (3.9265E + 2).
  • All floating point numbers must contain that many decimal places as mentioned in the question.

Instructions for TCS Ninja exam pattern

  • The test will progress as per specified in the above table. But Once you move from one group to another, you cannot go back to the previous group. For example, once you have moved to Quantitative Aptitude, you can’t go back to English and so on.
  • The timer shown on the test screen will show the time resting to complete each group. Each group has independent timers and when the timer start the first question present on the screen.
  • The test period for each group is fixed. For example: If you complete a group in limited time, the left over time will not be carried to the remaining groups.
  • At the end of every group Click SUBMIT to move to the next group.
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