C - Data type

C Data type - Definition and Usage

  • Data types in C, specify how we enter data into our programs and what type of data we enter.
  • A Data Type is a Type of Data which has some storage format that can cover a Specific Type or Range of Values.
  • In C, computer program stores data in variables , & each variable must be assigned with the specific data type.

Data Types available in C language are :

Primitive data types :

  • The primitive data types in c language are the inbuilt data types provided by the c language itself.
  • Thus, in general all C compilers provides support for these data types.
    • Integer Data Type (int)
    • Float data Type (float)
    • Double Data Type (double)
    • Character Data Type (char)
    • Void Data Type (void)

Non-Primitive Datatypes :

  • The data types that are derived from primary data types are known as non-Primitive data types.
  • The non-primitive datatypes are used to store group of values.
  • The non-primitive data types are :

Data type Min - Max Values

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