How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android

How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android - mobile - Android and iOS pack in their own distinctive features but if there’s one thing that Android

Android and iOS pack in their own distinctive features but if there’s one thing that Android beats iOS hands down is adaptability. Of course, elements of iOS are opening up to developers yet it’s still nowhere near the adaptability Android offers. If you are an Android user, you’d realize that you can get most of the iOS features on Android, because of different applications. Like the iPhone’s swipe-back gesture, you can get it on Android effortlessly. Like iOS’ homescreen search functionality, well, you can get it with the cool new Evie launcher.

We certainly adore iOS’ universal search functionality and while we like Google Now, iOS’ capability to give priority to local data alongside structured results depend on your previous interactions truly comes in handy. The latest Evie launcher, launched earlier this month gives the similar functionality on Android. So, without any further ado, here’s how to get iOS-like homescreen search on Android with Evie launcher:

  1. Firstly, you will have to download the Evie launcher application from the Google Play Store. When you first open the application, you will see different slides informing you about the features of the application. You can tap “Skip” and then, select “Done” when you are done with the slides.

Note: The application is only accessible in the US as of now, so if you are from any other country but need to try the application, you can download the APK file of the application here.

How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android

  1. The application will then ask you if you want your app and folder layout from the previous launcher. Select “Yeah!” if you need or “No thanks” if you want to try Evie from scratch. Then, the application will prompt you to set Evie as the default launcher.How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android
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3.Once done, you will see the Evie launcher taking over your homescreen. You can then just swipe down                   anywhere on the homescreen to bring the iOS-like search panel. You can then search for nearby                         restaurants, places, movies, music, contacts, applications or anything else and get results in a structured                   design, just like you would on iOS. While some results open up in card like design with extra features, some               web results will open in the Google application.

How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android

Like iOS, there’s no application drawer here, instead the application list is accessible in a sidebar from the left edge. The sidebar features tabs for Apps, Widgets and Settings. You can then pick the applications or widgets from this sidebar to place on the homescreen. If you are a fan of Google Now, you can go to Settings tab and enable the option to launch Google Now with a swipe up.

How to get iOS-like Homescreen Search on Android

Try Evie Launcher to Get iOS-like homescreen search on Android

From the looks of it, Evie looks like one of the usual Android launchers, yet, once you utilize its iOS-like search feature, we are sure you’ll discover it unique. Also, the launcher seems light on the resources, as we did not face any lags and moreover, the launcher comes with support for icon packs, which is certainly thing news for people who adore utilizing various icon packs.

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