AngularJS ngCsp Directive

  • The ng-csp directive in AngularJS used to change the CSP (Content Security Policy) rules.
  • If the ng-csp directive is set into the HTML element, then the AngularJS will not run any eval functions and inject any inline styles.
  • ng-csp directive is needed when developing apps for google chrome extensions or windows apps.
  • Some of the following rules affect the AngularJS:
    • Use of eval():
      • function(string) and similar functions are dynamically creating and execute code from strings is not allowed in the eval () function. Use $parse service in AngularJS to provide 30% increase in the speed of the evaluating expression
    • Use of Inline style
      • Inline resources such as <script> and <style> elements are not allowed. It prevents the apps from injecting custom styles directly into the document. AngularJs include the CSS rules in ngCloak and ngHide directive. These directive work when a CSP rule is blocking inline styles and the link must be provided to the angular-csp.css in HTML Manually.
  • This directive is only available in the ng-csp and data-ng-csp attribute form.


  • ng-csp directive value is set to no-inline style, it will stop AngularJS from injecting any CSS inline styles in the DOM, but allow eval function.

Syntax for no-inline-style in AngularJS:

<element ng-csp="no-inline-style"></element>

Parameter Values:

Value Description
no-inline-style States that the value can be one of the two values described. If the value can be both values, separated by a semicolon, it means empty value.


  • ng-csp directive value is set to no-unsafe-eval function, it will stop AngularJS from running any eval functions, but allow injecting inline styles.

Syntax for no-unsafe-eval in AngularJS:

<element ng-csp="no-unsafe-eval"></element>

Parameter Values:

Value Description
no-unsafe-eval The value can be empty, means eval or inline styles are not allowed.

No Declaration of ng-csp Directive:

  • No declaration means that angular will assume to it can use inline styles and it will do a runtime check for unsafe-eval.



Deactivate in-line-style and unsafe-eval:

  • The ng-csp and data-ng-csp attribute in AngularJS to deactivate both inline styles and unsafe eval.


<body ng-csp >

Both no-unsafe-eval and no-inline-style:

  • ng-csp directive is set to both value is no-unsafe-eval and no-inline-style in angularJS it means that does not inject styles nor use eval functions, which is same as an empty.


<body ng-csp="no-inline-style:no-unsafe-eval">

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