TypeDef in C

TypeDef in C

  • The C programming language provides a keyword called typedef, by using this keyword you can create a user defined name for existing data type.
  • Generally typedef are use to create an alias name (nickname).

Declaration of typedef

 typedef datatype alias_name; 


typedef int intdata;

Sample Code

typedef int intdata; 
void main()
          int a=10;
          typedef intdata integerdata;
          integerdata b=20;
          integerdata s; 

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Code Explanation

  • In above program Intdata is an user defined name or alias name for an integer datatype.
  • All properties of the integer will be applied on Intdata also.
  • Integerdata is an alias name to existing user defined name called Intdata.



Advantages of typedef:

  • It makes the program more portable.
  • typedef make complex declaration easier to understand.

TypeDef With Struct

  • We have to include keyword struct every time you declare a new variable, but if we use typedef then the declaration will as easy as below.


typedef struct{
	int id;
	char *name;
	float percentage;
student a,b;

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