C - File Handling

C File Handling

  • In C – Programming the files I/O functions handles data on secondary storage device, such as hard disk.
  • In C – Programming the I/O function handles the text files(.txt) into system oriented files.
C File Handling

C File Operations :

  • There are five major operations that can be performed on a file:
    1. Creation of a new file.
    2. Opening an existing file.
    3. Reading data from a file.
    4. Writing data in a file.
    5. Closing a file

Steps for Processing a File :

  1. Declare a file pointer variable.
  2. Open a file using fopen() function.
  3. Process the file using suitable function.
  4. Close the file using fclose() function.

To handle files in C, file input/output functions available in the stdio library are :

  1. fopen - Opens a file.
  2. fclose - Closes a file.
  3. getc - Reads a character from a file
  4. putc - Writes a character to a file
  5. getw - Read integer
  6. putw - Write integer
  7. fprintf - Prints formatted output to a file
  8. fscanf - Reads formatted input from a file
  9. fgets - Read string of characters from file
  10. fputs - Write string of characters to file
  11. feof - Detects end-of-file marker in a file
File operations

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Why File Handling in C

  • One more disadvantage is that, it suffers from the performance in writing and reading from the file because data must be converted while writing and reading from the file.
  • We can save the memory and improve the performance by directly writing the binary data on to the file. The file with the binary data is called a binary file. One more advantage with binary file is that, can’t be opened with any other applications.

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