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C - scanf() Function - Definition and Usage

  • In C -Language, scanf() is a predefined function in "stdio.h" header file. It can be used to read the input value from the keyword.
  • The format string must be a text enclosed in double quotes.
  • It contains the information for interpreting the entire data for connecting it into internal representation in memory.
  • Example : integer (%d) , float (%f) , character (%c) or string (%s).
C Scanf Function

Format specifier :

Format specifier Type of value
%d Integer
%f Float
%lf Double
%c Single character
%s String
%u Unsigned int
%ld Long int
%lf Long double

C Syntax

scanf("format specifiers",&value1,&value2,.....);

Sample coding -C - Scanf Function

 void main()
    int x;
    float y;
    printf("Enter any two numbers: ");
    scanf("%d %f",&x,&y);
    printf("%d %f",x,y);

C Code - Explanation

  1. In this example, “int x” specifies the integer value for the variable x.
  2. Here, “float y” specifies the float value of the variable y.
  3. Here scanf("%d %f",&x,&y) is being used to read the integer & float data from keyboard.
  4. Here %d is an integer value of the variable x.
  5. And %f is a float value of the variable y.

Sample Output - Programming Examples

  1. Here in this output “Enter any two numbers: “ is represented in printf statement.
  1. Here in this output we are entering the values 5 and 10.
  1. Here in this output the entered values 5 and 10 are processed in the console window.
  2. Here 5 is represented as integer value and 10.000000 as float value.

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