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C If Statement - Definition and Usage

  • In C- Programming the if statement is a conditional branching statement that is if the condition is satisfied the respective block of code is executed.
C If Statement

C Syntax

if (condition satisfy) 
Statements are executed; 

Sample coding - If statement

void main()
    int a=10,b=10;
    if (a == b)
        printf("a and b are equal"); 

C Code - Explanation

C Code - Explanation if statement
  1. Here we declare the variable a &b as “10” with its data type as integer.
  2. In this statement we check the value for the variable a&b which are equal or not, because if the condition is true the printf statement prints “a” and “b” are equal”..

Output :

If statement sample output
  1. Here the value of the variable “a & b” are equal so “if” condition will be satisfied and the output print statement will be displayed as “a and b are equal”.

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