C - Operator

C - Operator - Definition and Usage

C Operators

Arithmetic operators :

  • In C-Programming the Arithmetic operators are used to perform mathematical calculations such as
  • Addition(+),
  • Subtraction(-),
  • Multiplication(*),
  • Division(/) and
  • Modulus(%).

Assignment operators :

  • In C programs, values for the variables are assigned using assignment operators (=).

Relational operators :

  • Relational operators are used to find the relation between two variables, i.e. to compare the values of two variables in a C programming.

Logical operators :

  • These operators are used to perform logical operations on the given expressions.
  • There are three logical operators in C language. They are,
    • logical AND (&&),
    • logical OR (||) and
    • logical NOT (!)

Bitwise operators :

  • These operators are used to perform bit operations.
  • Decimal values are converted into binary values which are the sequence of bits and bit wise operators work on these bits.
  • Bit wise operators in C programming are as follows:
    • & (bitwise AND),
    • | (bitwise OR),
    • ~ (bitwise NOT),
    • ^ (XOR),
    • << (left shift) and
    • >> (right shift).

Conditional operator :

  • Conditional operators return one value if condition is true and returns another value is condition is false.
  • Conditional operators is also known as ternary operator represented by the symbol “ ? :” (question mark).

C Syntax

(Condition? true_value: false_value);

Increment/decrement Operator :

  • In C- Programming Increment operators (++) is used to increase the value of the variable by one.
  • In C- Programming decrement operators (--) is used to decrease the value of the variable by one.

C Syntax

Increment operator: ++var_name; (or) var_name++;
Decrement operator: – -var_name; (or) var_name – -;

Special Operator :

  • In c-program some of the operators are used as Special operators they are
    • & - operator is used to get the address of the variable;
    • * - operator is used as pointer of the variable.
    • sizeof() - operator is used to define the size of the variable.

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