C - Introduction

C Introduction

  • C -Programming is a said to be the high-level structured oriented programming language , which is used generally for programming.
  • C -Programming is developed by Dennis Ritchie at AT & T Bell Telephone Laboratories, USA between the year of 1969 and 1973 .
  • In the year of 1988, C was formalized by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).
  • C -Programming was invented to write the UNIX operating system.
  • C -Programming is a successor of Basic Combined Programming Language abbreviated as BCPL , called as B language.
  • Linux OS, PHP and MySQL is written in C -Programming.
  • C-Programming has been written in assembly language (Machine understandable language or low level language).
C Program History
Dennis Ritchie

Features of C Language

  • C-Programming is considered as the robust(tough) programming language with its rich set of built-in functions and operators.
  • Programs written in C language is quite efficient and fast.
  • C language programing is considered as highly portable
  • The programs once written in C-programming can run on another machines/system with no modifications or minor changes.
  • C language is basically said to be the collection of C library functions.
  • In C, we can also create our own function functions and can add it to the C library.

C-Programming has become so very popular for various reasons :

  • C-language is considered as one of the early programming language.
  • Best programming language.
  • Able to learn C-language quickly.
  • C programming is reliable; simple & it is easy to use.
  • C programming is a structured oriented language.
  • Modern programming concepts are based on C language for example Linux, PHP, Unix and so on.
  • It can be compiled on a variety of computer platforms (Windows 2000, Mac OS X & so on).

Uses of C language

  • In the earlier stage C -Programing was used for developing system applications such as :
    1. Database Systems.
    2. Language Interpreters.
    3. Compilers & Assemblers.
    4. Operating Systems (OS).
    5. Network Drivers.
    6. Word Processors.
Compiling Linking

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