Can you perform under pressure ?

  • The best answer to this question is “Yes”. Working well under pressure is a good strength/mannerism to have. But saying yes is not enough.
  • You need to explain how you can handle pressure situation to bring the best out of it.
  • Highly desirable qualities - to overcome stress is :
    • Planning
    • Strategic Thinking

The key points to remember for this question:

  • Never say "no" as an answer to this question. The answer should be positive.
  • Draw and give an example from your past experience in personal or professional or academic life. Cite such an example which proves your ability to handle such situation well.
  • Tune the answer in a manner that converts the difficulty into an advantage. Eg. ‘Working under pressure is actually desirable since it automatically brings out the hidden caliber, skill, creativity, innovation and potential from within a person. If we take it as a challenge, it shall help us outperform our own performance standards.’
  • Mention the activities that you indulge in after having a stressful day; to keep yourself boosted, motivated, refreshed and calm. This shall depict that you ‘know yourself’ very well.

Sample answers:

  • Sir, I can handle pressure of work. Whenever there is pressure of work, we need to tackle it from the mental and physical stand-point. Mental stand-point would mean being in a state of relaxation and composure so that I do not feel stressed out during the course of my work and from physical stand-point; I always prioritize my job in their exact order of merit and importance so that I can dispose them off quickly and effectively.
  • Yes, definitely, I can work under pressure. I am very calm and have lots of patience. I don't loose my hope until or unless my work is done completely and perfectly. At the end, it makes me more confident and create positive vibes to explore something new everyday.
  • Well I believe I work the same if there’s pressure or not. I try and take the emotional factors and work hard regardless of down time. I always prioritize and organize my work and hence that gives me a Psychological advantage over pressure. At times whenever time becomes a constraint I put extra effort and time to meet the deadline. So pressure has nothing to do with my work.

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