Do you have any questions for me ?

Alternative ways in which this question can be asked are :

  • Would you like to ask us anything
  • Do you have any questions ?
  • Is there any questions you would like to ask us ?
Do you have any questions to ask me

Do you have any questions to ask me

Would you like to ask us anything ?

  • You should only ask questions that you really want to hear an answer to.
  • You should ask questions that will show the depth of the research you have conducted.
  • Just show how interested in the job you are, by asking complex questions that require more in-depth answers.
  • Avoid questions about vacation, salary, and benefits.

Sample answer:

  • How is success measured within your company, how often are evaluations conducted?
  • Thank you, sir, for giving me a chance to ask a question. During my whole Interview process, I would like to ask about my lacking areas? Can you suggest me what should I improve? Your suggestion will definitely help and enhance to me.
  • What do the supervisors and managers of this company have in common?
  • What might I be doing in the next 3 to 5 years?
  • What are the expectations of the company for new hires within the next six months?

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