What do you know about our company ?

Reason for asking this question is :

  • To know whether you care enough about the organization and the role to do your research before coming in to the job interview?
  • To know whether you are a good researcher?
What you know about this company

What you know about this company

Preparation to this question is in two parts:

  • Be prepared by researching the employer.
    • Read that job description sentence-by-sentence.
    • Examine the employer's website: About Us, Mission, Products (or Services), People, etc.
    • Google the employer's name to see what you discover. Clients? Competitors? Raves? Slams?
  • Make notes about what you find.
    • Their products or services, pay particular attention to the names of those products and services.
    • Look for reviews of their products or services.
    • Have you used any of your products or services? Was it a good experience or a bad one?

Sample answers:

  • I'm very interested in learning more about the mobile apps you have developed to support collecting data from home healthcare suppliers.
  • My experience in this field has shown me that we need to understand this work better both to provide better service and also to retain the best employee.
  • I see that your company has been in business for over thirty years, with an excellent reputation for reliable employee records management software, specializing in systems which can handle both unionized and non-union employees effectively.

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