Have you ever committed a mistake at work ?

  • Before answering the question analyze the greatness of mistake you did and the effect it had on the company. So, mention the mistake you committed and keep the focus of the answer on the steps you took to rectify it.
  • Always have an example ready (that you’ve thought about in advance) so you’re not put on the spot.
  • Explain what you learned from the mistake and how it made you a better employee.
  • Avoid sharing the biggest mistake you’ve ever made as your example - use one that is slightly more innocent and didn’t have big effects.

Sample answer:

  • One mistake I made was early on in my time at “company X”. I was reporting to a few different people and constantly had people asking me to work on different projects.
    • Based on the amount of work, sometimes it would take me a little longer to do something for person B because I was working hard on something for person A.
  • One mistake I made was that I took on all of the projects and didn’t let both person A and B know what else I was working on.
    • Once they understood this, we were all able to be more in the loop and set realistic expectations and deadlines.

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