What do you know about us ?

The other forms in which this question can be asked :

  • What is your impression of our organization ?
  • Why do you want to work for this organization?

If you don't know much about them, the assumption will be made that really you aren't very interested in the job.
Because, if you really were interested, you would know enough about the company to answer this question well.

Two parts of preparation for this question is:

  • Be prepared by researching the employer.
  • Make notes about what you find.

Key points that we must cover about the company is :

  • What they do.
  • Their products or services, pay particular attention to the names of those products and services.
  • The key employees.
  • General size - small, medium, or large, both in terms of revenue as well as number of employees.
  • Their locations , major competitors and how they compare with those competitors in terms of size (total sales), profitability (maybe), how/where they are better (and worse), and anything else you can find.
  • Have you used any of your products or services? Was it a good experience or a bad one?
  • Look for reviews of their products or services.

Sample answers:

  • I see that your company has been in business for over thirty years, with an excellent reputation for reliable employee records management software, specializing in systems which can handle both unionized and non-union employees effectively.
  • I’ve naturally done some research into your organization so as to ensure that I fully understand what kind of organization I would be working for. I read on your website that your sales levels have grown at an average of 25% year on year for the past five years and that you are now working on your expansion into the United States. You’re clearly a very progressive organization and that’s exactly what I’m looking for. I want to work for an organization which doesn’t stand still, which is expanding and taking on new and interesting challenges. I’ve also read a lot of customer comments on various third party websites and the quality of your service is clearly very impressive

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