What irritates you about co-workers ?

Reason for asking this question:

  • They want to understand how you deal with challenging personalities or behaviour in the work environment.
  • To get a idea about how you define ‘irritating’ or ‘annoying’ and your levels of tolerance.
  • They’re trying to assess how you will get along with your colleagues and clients.
  • How your personality will fit in with the company culture.
  • To determine if you’re easily irritated.
  • To determine if you are irritated by the habits of their existing staff.
    • Talk about your abilities to adapt and adjust to anyone when necessary.
    • A short, positive response is always best! For example: “I enjoy working with all kinds of people because I believe everyone has a unique set of skills and experiences to bring to the table!”
    • It’s best to explain how you listen to others when there’s a misunderstanding.
    • Give an answer that shows you prefer to discuss your irritations and find a point of agreement with others, rather than simply remaining annoyed.
    • The best way is that your answer should only point out certain qualities in people that you don't find pleasant.
    • People who don't take teamwork seriously and find excuses to make others fill in for them can be one for sure.
    • You might have a dislike for co-workers who gossip about each other behind their backs or are clumsy at work.
    • People working together do have differences but that can always be sorted out by talking through with the person.

Your answers could be like:

  • It doesn’t happen frequently, but I really get irritated when one person makes mistakes on something that was a group effort. I believe in giving credit where it is due and fairness within a team dynamic.”
  • I’m bothered by big mistakes or problems that have team impact. For example, it would bother me greatly if a co-worker were to miss an important deadline on a team project. It’s unfair to the people in the group who made their deadlines.
  • Because I know I get irritated when co-workers miss deadlines, I try to always make sure goals are clearly communicated to everyone on the team. If it happens anyway, I try to find out what I can do differently, so the problem doesn’t repeat itself

Sample answers:

  • No one is perfect in this world, we can respect others for what they are.
  • If we always search for the negative characteristic of others then we could never find anything positive in them !, and I have been very lucky to have work with a helpful, supportive team.
  • But that doesn't mean that I have never been irritated by others, still we can avoid such situations for a while and can take good decision after a discussion with them.

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