Will you be happy to re-locate, if required

Here are five responses that will make sure your name is not removed from consideration:

  • I am absolutely willing to relocate.
  • The ‘maybe’ answer
  • Saying possibly with enthusiasm.
  • How do you say no?
  • What not to say?

The things that should be avoided:

  • Are you going to pay me more?
  • If I get to choose where you move me.
  • I never want to move from this area.
  • Depends on what you are willing to offer.

This question has two answers:

  • If you are happy to relocate then:
    • “To me, where I live is really a secondary concern.
    • My career path is important to me, and I’ve been very impressed with what I’ve learned about this company and believe that this position in particular is a great fit for my skills in X, Y, and Z. Do you agree?”
  • If you absolutely can’t relocate then:
    • You have to be honest about that, but try not to just say “No.”
    • You don’t know what the future holds, and your life might look very different in a year for a thousand reasons.
    • So say, “I’d rather not relocate right now, but that could easily change in the future.
    • Who knows what circumstances may bring tomorrow or a year from now?”
  • In all of these cases, these answers make you look more sincere than if you had given the standard answer about the “right opportunity.”
  • They keep you from making a strong commitment while still making you appear flexible-which is always going to be a plus with your future employer.

Sample answer:

  • Yes. I am able to adapt to any kind of environment so I have no problem with location and also very much interested in new places and interact with new people throughout the world.
  • Yes, of course, I love to travel. As from childhood I have been traveling different regions of India. Changed about 5 different schools. I like to interact with new people. Actually, it gives you a good experience.
  • Yes I can able to adaptable to any kind of environment. So I have no problems with the location also very much interested in new place and interact with the people. Also it is the best way to learn communication. And improve our work confidence to work at any place.

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