What is Call Center ?

What is Call Center ?

  • Call center is an exactly like a customer service center.
  • All business is depending on telephonic conversation it is mainly separated into main categories Inbound & Outbound Call Center.
  • International & Domestic Call centers where customers queries are handled with patience in inbound and for different purposes like selling of product or giving information about campaign or collecting data information from customer is done by outbound agents.

Inbound Call Center

  • An Inbound call center is a type of contact center that is designed only to receive users', customers' or partners' calls.
  • Inbound call centers usually provide support, services, sales, inquiries, billing and general queries to current and/or future customers, over the phone.
  • In addition to voice calling, many modern call centers also support communication via email or live chat.

Outbound Call Center

  • An Outbound call center is a business operation where staffs or workers make outbound calls as part of business goals and objectives.
  • Outbound call center software and other kinds of information technologies assist in these processes, or improve efficiency for an outbound call center.

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