What are the most important things for you as a manager ?

The most important thing for you as a manager is:

  • Cultivating a Team
  • Listening Skills
  • Empowering Your Staff
  • Delegating and Goals
  • Relationships, Not Friendships
  • Planning for the Future
  • Communication
  • Handling the Grey Area
  • Influence

I will figure out what success would look like for my team, and make sure you clearly convey it to them.
I will give constructive feedback to my team members so that they will know where to improve.
I will provide work that is relevant to both the company and their growth.
I will collect both the strength and weakness of my team members.

Sample answer:

  • I believe there are many aspects and factors to any manager based on his/her field, industry and the level of Management or in another word, the level of responsibility this person hold for a specific team and the whole organization.
  • In my point of view the most important for a manager to succeed in his/her role are:
    • His/her team should be satisfied and keep performing.
    • The project he/she is working on with his/her team is successfully managed and finished on time with minimum costs and the maximum quality.

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