What do you do to improve your knowledge ?

Reason for asking this question:

  • To see whether this question comforts you and can remain composed.
    • If you can, it’s a sign that you respond well to pressure, which is an important quality in many jobs, especially management ones.
  • They are interested in your ability to be honest.
    • If you deny having any areas you need to improve, you’re obviously lying and refusing to present yourself as you are during the interview.
    • This makes anything else you say less believable and significantly decreases you chances to pass the interview.
  • They interviewers do actually want to find out the areas you need to improve and they hope to get this information from you.
    • Every potential employee has development requirements which a good employer will want to take into consideration.

Best way to answer this question:

  • Expect the question.
  • Watch your body language
  • Talk about a real area you need to improve
  • Pick your area strategically.

Sample answer:

  • I took experience with my boss and my seniors how they works in difficult situations, how they use their knowledge to get work done easily, and how to control juniors and also how to people communicate with their co-worker.
  • I also interact with people of different ages, different communities and different education levels to fetch huge knowledge.

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