What is your greatest achievements in your previous job ?

Tips to remember:

  • Stick to items that are completely professional.
  • Make sure they impress the interviewer.
  • Try to make them relevant to the new position, if possible

Way to answer this question is:

  • Define the achievement
  • Be specific about what happened, who, what, where and when
  • Put it in context with your position
  • Be clear about what you did, and how you did it
  • Be absolutely clear about what a great achievement it was
  • Give it a value, in terms of either money or efficiency.

The way you should not answer this question is:

  • Fake or mislead, ever, under any circumstances
  • Be shy about telling people what a good job you did
  • Go off topic,
  • Be vague about anything important
  • Leave any part of the storyline out.

How to answer for this question:

  • Keep it real.
  • Sell the benefits.
  • Keep it recent.
  • Keep it professional and positive.

Your answer should be like:

  • You must speak about your achievement and then sell your benefit.
  • Then say like your biggest achievement was yet to come.
  • This will be liked because this will tell more about your character and personality.
  • This will convey that you are looking to achieve more tomorrow than you did today.
  • It will also convey like you strive to prove you all the time and it the most attractive quality to find.
  • People generally remember the way you made them feel rather than the words you spoke, so it is essential you keep it real.

Sample answer:

  • My greatest achievement would likely be when I was able to complete the entire year’s worth of tax calculations, including extra quality checks a full month before deadline. It freed up time to get started on the next year’s balances and saved the company roughly $50,000 in excess work.

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