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Definition of USB driver:

  • A USB drive -- also known as a flash drive or keychain drive -- is a plug-and-play portable storage device that uses flash memory and is lightweight enough to attach to a keychain.
  • A USB drive can be used in place of a floppy disk, Zip drive disk or CD.
  • When the user plugs the device into the USB port, the computer's operating system recognizes the device as a removable drive and assigns it a drive letter.
 various usb
  • For Android development on real device like Samsung Galaxy S2, you need to install Samsung OEM driver or USB driver.
  • This Android OEM driver documentation will guide you where to download it… but the guide is not easy to follow.
  • Actually, the “Samsung USB driver” is included in the software called “Samsung Kies or PC Sync“.
  • The following guide will show you how and where to get it.

1. Samsung Phone Model

  • Most Samsung websites ask about your phone model to download the software.
  • The phone model number is available on the back of your phone, see figure below:
 android samsung model

2. Samsung Website

  • Go to Samsung official website:, it will redirect to your local Samsung website automatically.
  • Find “Support” -> “Download“, or something similar.

3. Download Samsung Kies (USB Driver)

  • Type your phone model number or phone name to find suitable “Samsung Kies” to download.
 android samsung USB driver
  • Get “Samsung Kies” and install on your Windows, the “Samsung USB driver” will be installed together.
  • Done.
  • Now you can debug your Android application on Samsung Galaxy S2.

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