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What is DIFF() Function in Apache Pig ?

  • The DIFF() function used in Apache Pig is used to compare two bags in a tuple.
  • The specification which is given on DIFF() function is the name of the existing series and is also known as the degree of differencing, in parentheses.
  • The degree of differencing used in DIFF() function must be specified as it is not default.
  • System-missing values which is used in DIFF() will appear at the beginning of the new series.
  • We can specify one degree of differencing which is done per DIFF function.


grunt> DIFF (expression, expression)


  • We can assume that we have two files namely wikitechy_employee_sales.txt and wikitechy_employee_bonus.txt which is given in the HDFS directory /pig_data/ which is given below:





We have loaded the files into Pig, with the relation names which are called employee_sales and employee_bonus.

grunt> employee_sales = LOAD 'hdfs://localhost:9000/pig_data/wikitechy_employee_sales.txt' USING PigStorage(',')
as (sno:int, name:chararray, age:int, salary:int, dept:chararray);


grunt> employee_bonus = LOAD 'hdfs://localhost:9000/pig_data/wikitechy_employee_bonus.txt' USING PigStorage(',')
as (sno:int, name:chararray, age:int, salary:int, dept:chararray);
  • We need to group the records/tuples of the relations employee_sales and employee_bonus with the key sno, which is done using the COGROUP operator which is given below:
grunt> cogroup_data = COGROUP employee_sales by sno, employee_bonus by sno;

Verify the relation cogroup_data by using the DUMP operator which is given below:

grunt> Dump cogroup_data;

Calculating the Difference between Two Relations

We need to calculate the difference between the two relations by using DIFF() function and we need to store it in the relation diff_data which is given below:

grunt> diff_data = FOREACH cogroup_data GENERATE DIFF(employee_sales,employee_bonus);


grunt> Dump diff_data;   

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