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What is Eval Functions in Apache Pig ?

  • Eval functions extend the Java class ‘org.apache.pig.EvalFunc and it is parameterized with the return type of the UDF which is a Java String which is a part of java class
  • Eval Functions will take one record and returns one result, which will be invoked for every record that will pass through the execution pipeline.
  • Eval Function takes the tuple which contains the fields for the script which is passed to the UDF (User Defined Function) as an input.
  • Eval function is invoked on every input tuple and the input is done into the function which is a tuple with input parameters where they are passed to the function which is done in the Pig script.
 eval function in apache pig

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An example which is given below done to explain the Eval Functions


package myudfs;
import java.io.IOException;
import org.apache.pig.EvalFunc;
import org.apache.pig.data.Tuple;
public class UPPER extends EvalFunc<String>
public String exec(Tuple input) throws IOException {
if (input == null || input.size() == 0)
return null;
String str = (String)input.get(0);
return str.toUpperCase();
}catch(Exception e){
throw new IOException("Caught exception processing input row ", e);

The table which is given below give us the eval functions and their description

Function Syntax Description
AVGAVG(expressionComputes the average of the numeric values in a single-column bag.
CONCATCONCAT (expression, expression)Concatenates two expressions of identical type.
COUNTCOUNT(expression)Computes the number of elements in a bag, it ignores null.
COUNT_STARCOUNT_STAR(expression)Computes the number of elements in a bag, it includes null.
DIFFDIFF (expression, expression)Compares two fields in a tuple, any tuples that are in one bag but not the other are returned in a bag.
IsEmptyIsEmpty(expression)Checks if a bag or map is empty
MAXMAX(expression)Computes the maximum of the numeric values or chararrays in a single-column bag
MINMIN(expression)Computes the minimum of the numeric values or chararrays in a single-column bag.
SIZESIZE(expression)Computes the number of elements based on any Pig data type. SIZE includes NULL values in the size computation
SUMSUM(expression)Computes the sum of the numeric values in a single-column bag.
TOKENIZETOKENIZE(expression [, ‘field_delimiter’]) Splits a string and outputs a bag of words.

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