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Compare Pig vs Mapreduce

  • Both are used to process the data.
  • When the PIG program is executed internally it converts into a MapReduce job and process the data. The following are the some of the differences between MR and PIG
MapReduce Apache Pig
MapReduce program expects the programming
language skills for writing the business logic.
In Apache PIG there is no need of much
programming skills. The entire program is based on PIG transformations.
Amount of code is very large; we must write
huge programming code.
Amount of code is very less when compared to MapReduce program.
200 lines of MapReduce program is equivalent to 10 lines of Pig script.
MapReduce program is compiled and executed
Pig script internally converts into MapReduce
program and gets executed.
Writing and executing MapReduce programming
is a bit complex task.
Writing and Executing PIG script is a simple
task when compared with MapReduce.

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