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What is Load & Store Functions in Apache Pig ?

  • The Load and Store functions in Apache Pig are used to determine how the data goes ad comes out of Pig.
  • These functions are used with the load and store operators
S.no Syntax Function & Description
1 A = LOAD ‘student’ USING PigStorage(‘\t’)
AS (name: chararray, age:int, gpa: float);
PigStorage()To load and store structured files.
2 A = LOAD ‘data’ USING TextLoader(); TextLoader()To load unstructured data into Pig.
3 A = LOAD ‘data’ USING BinStorage(); BinStorage()To load and store data into Pig using machine readable format.
4 A = load ‘myinput.gz’;store A into ‘myoutput.gz’; Handling CompressionIn Pig Latin, we can load and store compressed data.

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