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What is LTRIM()?

  • The function LTRIM() is same as the function TRIM(). It removes the unwanted spaces from the left side of the given string (heading spaces).


  • Here is the syntax of the LTRIM() function.
grunt> LTRIM(expression)


  • Assume we have some unwanted spaces before and after the names of the employees in the records of the wikitechy_emp_data relation.
grunt> Dump wikitechy_emp_data;
(001, Aadav ,32,Tokyo)
(003, Charu ,23, London)
(005, Hansa ,22,Bhuwaneshwar) 
(006, Hena ,21,Chennai)
(007,Robert,24, Bhuwaneshwar)
(009, Leena ,22, Chennai)
(010, Mahi ,22, newyork)
(011, Priya ,23, Tokyo)
(012,Rahul,20, newyork)
  • Using the LTRIM() function, we can remove the heading spaces from the names as shown below.
grunt> ltrim_data = FOREACH wikitechy_emp_data GENERATE (id,name), LTRIM(name);
  • The above statement returns the copy of the names by removing the heading spaces from the names of the employees.
  • The result is stored in the relation named ltrim_data.
  • Verify the result of the relation ltrim_data using the Dump operator as shown below.
grunt> Dump ltrim_data;
((1, Aadav ),Aadav )
((3, Charu ),Charu )
((5, Hansa ),Hansa ) 
((6, Hena ),Hena )
((9, Leena ),Leena ) 
((10, Mahi ),Mahi ) 
((11, Priya ),Priya ) 

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