[Solved-3 Solutions] GUI for using Hadoop ?

What is GUI ?

  • A GUI (pronounced as either G-U-I or gooey) allows the use of icons or other visual indicators to interact with electronic devices, rather than using only text via the command line. For example, all versions of Microsoft Windows utilize a GUI, whereas MS-DOS does not

What is hadoop ?

  • Hadoop is an open source, Java-based programming framework that supports the processing and storage of extremely large data sets in a distributed computing environment. It is part of the Apache project sponsored by the Apache Software Foundation.

Problem :

Is there an easy way to use Hadoop other than with the command line ?

Solution 1:

Why hue

  • Hue is a really amazing tool. We have exposed it to developers and business people for running their hive queries and getting results.
  • Also we are indexing log data so cloudera search comes in pretty handy. With the new version of Hue (3.6), we can also run queries on RDBMS data using HUE itself.

Solution 2:

  • If we are using CDH, then Hue(hadoop user Interface) comes with it. And its a very good user interface for hadoop. we can also use install separately. It supports all components of hadoop.

Solution 3:

Data integration tools

  • Data Integration tools like Talend, CloverETL or Pentaho. They have provided support for Hadoop.Talend has provided a vast support of it. Don't have much information about the other tools support for Hadoop.

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