[Solved-1 Solution] Pig Order By Query ?

What is Order By ?

  • The ORDER BY operator is used to display the contents of a relation in a sorted order based on one or more fields.


  • Given below is the syntax of the ORDER BY operator.
grunt> Relation_name2 = ORDER Relatin_name1 BY (ASC|DESC);


grunt> dump jn;


grunt> jn = group jn by $1;
grunt> dump jn;
  • Now, from here we want the following output :
  • Basically, we want to sort on the numbers : 10,9,16 and select the top 2 for every row.

How can we do it?

Solution 1:

  • We can use the nested foreach with ORDER BY like below code
A = LOAD 'data';
jn = group A by $1;
B = FOREACH jn {
  sorted = ORDER A by $2 ASC;
  lim = LIMIT sorted 2;

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