[Solved-1 Solution] Satellite Image Processing using HADOOP ?

Satellite Image Processing using Hadoop Framework:

  • Complex image processing algorithms that require higher computational power with large scale inputs can be processed efficiently using the parallel and distributed processing of Hadoop MapReduce Framework.
  • Hadoop MapReduce is a scalable model which is capable of processing petabytes (1015 order) of data with improved fault tolerance and data parallelism.
  • we present a MapReduce framework for performing parallel remote sensing satellite data processing using Hadoop and storing the output in HBase.
  • The speedup and performance show that by utilizing Hadoop, we can distribute our workload across different clusters to take advantage of combined processing power on commodity hardware.


How to perform simple Image Processing of the stored Satellite Imagery using MapReduce Program ?

Solution 1:

  • What we would do is to treat the image as a matrix. We can generate a flat file with tuples following this format:
(x coord, y coord, value)
  • This is the way we can apply many image manipulations (rotate, substract 2 images, indentify connected components, do some border detection...).

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