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What are area charts in Google Chart?

  • Area Chart in Google Chart displays graphically Quantitative data and it is based on line chart
  • Area chart are commonly emphasized with , colors , textures and hatchings
  • Area charts represent cumulated totals using numbers or else percentages which is known as stacked area charts in this case which is done over time
  • Area chart is used for showing trends over time which is done among related attributes.
  • Area chart is a plot chart in which the plotted line is filled in with color to indicate the volume.
  • Area charts use vertical and horizontal lines to connect the data points which is done in a series forming a step-like progression which are known as step-area charts.
  • Area charts in data points are connected by smooth curves instead of straight lines are known as spline-area charts
  • Area charts are used for drawing area based charts.
 google chart area charts

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  • The table which is below shows us the different types of chart and description. Chart type/Description
1 Basic Area
2 Area with negative values
3 Stacked area
4 Percentage area
5 Area with missing points
6 Inverted axes

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