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What is Stepped Area Chart?

  • Stepped area chart which is rendered within the browser using SVG or VML displays tips when hovering over steps
  • Stepped Area Charts are like stepped line charts except that the area under the stepped area chart are shaded.
  • Stepped Area Charts is used when we want to highlight the increase or decrease in values over time.
  • The Stepped Area Chart function reads a data frame and creates text output which refers to the Google Visualisation API which can be included into a web page
  • A stepped area chart is also known as a step based area chart
 stepped area chart graph in google chart

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The table which is given below tell us about stepped area chart and their description

S. No. Chart Type / Description
1Basic Stepped Chart

Basic Stepped Area Chart

2Stacked Stepped Chart

Stacked Stepped Area Chart

3100% Stacked Stepped Chart

100% Stacked Stepped Area Chart

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