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What are Sankey Charts?

  • Sankey Chart is a visualization tool and is used to describe a flow from one set of values to another set.
  • Sankey Charts are specific type of flow diagram, in which the width of the arrows is shown proportionally to the flow quantity.
  • Sankey Charts put a visual emphasis on the flows within a system.
  • Sankey Charts are used to represent energy inputs, useful output and wasted output.
  • Sankey Charts are used to show many-to-many mapping between multiple paths through the set of stages.
 sankey charts graph in google charts

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The table below shows us the chart types of Sankey charts and their description.

S. No. Chart Type / Description
1Basic Sankey Chart

Basic Sankey Chart

2Multilevel Sankey Chart

Multilevel Sankey Chart

3Customizing Sankey Chart

Customized Sankey Chart

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