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What is Histogram?

A histogram is a graphical representation of the distribution of a dataset.

What is Histogram chart?

  • A histogram is a chart that groups numeric data into buckets, displaying the buckets as segmented columns.
  • They're used to depict the distribution of a dataset as how often values fall into ranges.
  • Google Charts automatically chooses the number of buckets for you.
  • All buckets are equal width and have a height proportional to the number of data points in the bucket.
  • Histograms are similar to column charts in other aspects.
 graph view in histogram

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Sr. No. Chart Type / Description
1 Basic Histogram

Basic Histogram chart

2 Controlling Color

Customized Color of Histrogram Chart

3 Controlling Buckets

Customized Buckets of Histrogram Chart

4 Multiple Series

Histrogram Chart having multiple series

Google Histogram Chart:

 let options = Options(title = "Lengths of dinosaurs, in meters")
|> Chart.Histogram
|> Chart.WithOptions options
|> Chart.WithLabel "Length"
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