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What is Timeline charts ?

  • Timeline charts are User Items that create a chart where a series of events are arranged on a bar graph.
  • Each event can be a single point in time or a date range.
  • Timelines depicts how a set of resources are used over time.

Loading Google Charts:

Since we going to make use of Google API Loader to load Google Charts, we add the following script tag to the header of the page that’s going to display the timeline:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Clicking "Copy Code" button to copy the code. From - google charts tutorial - team

I can now use the google.load method to load any Google API. For Google Charts, I’ll need to load the Visualization API along with the timeline package of the API. I’ll also add a callback to know when the API is ready.

google.load('visualization', '1.0', { packages:["timeline"] });

function start() {
  /* This method will be called when the
     Visualization API has been loaded. */
Clicking "Copy Code" button to copy the code. From - google charts tutorial - team

Chart Type:

S. No. Chart Type / Description
1Basic Timelines Chart

Basic Timelines Chart

2Timelines Chart with data labels

Timelines Chart with data labels

3Timelines chart without Row Label

Timelines chart without Row Label

4Timelines chart coloring

Customized Timelines Chart

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