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In python dictionaries, following is a conventional method to access a value for a key.

loop over a dictionary

python - Sample - python code :

dic = {"A":1, "B":2}
loop over a dictionary python

The problem that arises here is that the 3rd line of the code returns a key error :

python tutorial - Output :

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File ".\", line 3, in 
    print (dic["C"])
KeyError: 'C'

python loop over a dictionary

The get() method is used to avoid such situations. This method returns the value for the given key, if present in the dictionary. If not, then it will return None (if get() is used with only one argument).

Syntax :

Dict.get(key, default=None)


loop over a python dictionary

python - Sample - python code :

dic = {"A":1, "B":2}
print(dic.get("C","Not Found ! "))

python tutorial - Output :

Not Found !

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