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Python Applications

 python application

Console Based Application

  • Python can be used to develop console based applications. For example: IPython.
 console application

Audio or Video based Applications

  • Python proves handy in multimedia section. Some of real applications are: TimPlayer, cplay etc.

3D CAD Applications

  • Fandango is a real application which provides full features of CAD.
  • FreeCAD is an Open Source CAx RAD based on Open Cascade, Qt and Python.
  • It features some key concepts like Macro recording, Workbenches, ability to run as a server and dynamically loadable Application extensions and its designed to be platform independent.
  • Fandango is planned to be a full featured CAD program.
  • It has a C++ core extensible by scripts. Currently the memory core for entity management is ready, scripting works wonderfully thanks to the ease of embedding and extending of Python.
  • A KDE+XML user interface is now in place, controlling the keyboard and mouse.

Web Applications

  • Python can also be used to develop web based application.
  • Some important developments are: PythonWikiEngines, Pocoo, PythonBlogSoftware etc.
  • BAOW - A lightweight content manage system based on Python language and SQL database, help you to develop complex web applications.
  • A library and a corresponding application (consisting of a client and a server) for client-server PDF creation from text over the Internet or an intranet

Desktop GUI Applications

  • The GUI stands for the Graphical User Interface, which provides a smooth interaction to any application.
  • Python provides a Tk GUI library to develop a user interface. Some popular GUI libraries are given below.
    • Tkinter or Tk
    • wxWidgetM
    • Kivy (used for writing multitouch applications )
    • PyQt or Pyside

Enterprise Applications

  • Python can be used to create applications which can be used within an Enterprise or an Organization. Some real time applications are: OpenErp, Tryton, Picalo etc.
  • A complete open source ERP & CRM; accounting, stock management, sales, and modular framework with over 750 modules. Originally called tinyErp, then OpenERP; there is also a variant for Medical.
  • A data analysis toolkit for DBMS-type of data. Includes embedded Python scripting and wxWidgets GUI.

Software Development

  • Python is useful for the software development process. It works as a support language and can be used to build control and management, testing, etc.
    • SCons is used to build control.
    • Buildbot and Apache Gumps are used for automated continuous compilation and testing.
    • Round or Trac for bug tracking and project management.

Applications for Images

  • Using Python several application can be developed for image. Applications developed are: VPython, Gogh, imgSeek etc.
  • A PyGTK-based painting program (or image editor) with support for pressure-sensitive tablets/devices. This application appears to no longer exists.
  • Photo collection manager with content-based search. You simply sketch the image you want to find.
  • There are several such applications which can be developed using Python

Mobile Applications

  • Ready to use GSM /GPS tracking PCB with Python engine on board with support of test server based on Google Maps
  • An app for jailbroken iOS devices that lets one backup and restore the settings and data of App Store apps
  • A GPS-capable mapping/routing application for mobile devices.

Business Applications

  • Business Applications differ from standard applications.
  • E-commerce and ERP are an example of a business application.
  • This kind of application requires extensively, scalability and readability, and Python provides all these features.
  • Oddo is an example of the all-in-one Python-based application which offers a range of business applications.
  • Python provides a Tryton platform which is used to develop the business application.

Personal Information Managers

  • Cell phone data manipulator. Can sync phonebook, calendar, wallpaper, ring tone, etc.
  • An open source application for the organization and management of tasks.

Science and Education Applications

  • A complete IDE, set of libraries, simulator, and course materials for exploring robotics in Python. Currently aimed for higher education, but work has begun for use in k-12 as well.
  • A workflow-based metabolomics data analysis package. Includes support for principal components analysis (PCA), partial least squares regression (PLSR) and discriminant analysis (PLS-DA), metabolic pathway mining and data visualizations.

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