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 Python If Else Statement

Python if Statement

  • An if statement is a programming conditional statement that, if proved true, performs a function or displays information.
  • Basic example of an if statement, not specific to any particular programming language.
 python ifelse

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Python if Statement Flowchart

 python if statement flowchart


if (X < 10) 
     print "Hi Wikitechy";
  • In the example above, if the value of X were equal to any number less than 10, the program would print, or display, "Hi Wikitechy" on the console when the script is run.

Python If Else Statements

  • An else statement can be combined with an if statement.
  • An else statement contains the block of code that executes if the conditional expression in the if statement resolves to 0 or a FALSE value.
  • The else statement is an optional statement and there could be at most only one else statement following if.


if expression:
 python if else statements


if year%4==0:  
    print  "Year is Leap"  
    print "Year is not Leap"  


Year is not Leap

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