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  • The if statement in python is same as c language which is used test a condition.
  • If condition is true, statement of if block is executed otherwise it is skipped.
 python if

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Python if Statement Flowchart

 Python if statement

Syntax for If Statement:

if test expression:
  • Here, the program evaluates the test expression and will execute statement(s) only if the text expression is True.
  • If the text expression is False, the statement(s) is not executed.
  • In Python, the body of the if statement is indicated by the indentation. Body starts with an indentation and the first unindented line marks the end.
  • Python interprets non-zero values as True. None and 0 are interpreted as False.

Example: Python if Statement

  • If the number is positive, we print an appropriate message
num = 3
if num > 0:
    print(num, "is a positive number.")
print("This is always printed.")

num = -1
if num > 0:
    print(num, "is a positive number.")
print("This is also always printed.")
  • When you run the program, the output will be:
3 is a positive number
This is always printed
This is also always printed.
  • In the above example, num > 0 is the test expression.
  • The body of if is executed only if this evaluates to True.
  • When variable num is equal to 3, test expression is true and body inside body of if is executed.
  • If variable num is equal to -1, test expression is false and body inside body of if is skipped.
  • The print() statement falls outside of the if block (unindented). Hence, it is executed regardless of the test expression.

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