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  • PHP and Python are two very popular coding languages that have been around for a really long time.
  • PHP is one of the most used programming languages for web development, while Python is a powerful general-purpose programming language that allows prototype testing as seamless programming
  • Both of them are open source and can be freely used by anyone. Both of them are easy to learn, thanks to the massive amounts of documentation available and their huge communities.
  • Both of these programming languages differ in terms of functionality and features and they are used widely for different purposes.
  • Each of them has great languages for web development, depending on what kind of web development you wish to do
  • Python is a language heavily used in graphics, engineering and science. It allows fast and seamless writing of applications and prototype development.


  • These two programming languages are different from each other in terms of usage, features and functionality, but they also have a lot of common ground. Developers have to understand these in order to know which languages they should use to better accomplish certain tasks.
  • It’s important to note right off the bat that while PHP has web development features built into its core, Python relies on add-on modules.

Common Features of PHP and Python

  • They can be used for general purpose programming and scripting.
  • Both languages are interpreted, high-level languages that have dynamic typing.
  • Both are Open Source languages supported by large developer communities.
  • Both of them are easily understood and easy to learn.
  • Both languages have support for method chaining.
  • Both of them are easy to extend in Java, C and C++.
  • Both have support for variable number of function arguments.
  • They have single statements for all data types.

Differences Between PHP and Python

  • Python Has a More Readable and Minimalistic Code – Python’s design philosophy emphasizes on code readability. This makes it easier for developers to write organized and clean code, regardless of the project’s scale or the program’s size. It’s easy to build complex applications in a minimal amount of time with Python.
  • Paradigms – Both languages have similarities and feature a number of common programming paradigms. Python features support for aspect-oriented, object oriented, functional and well-structured programming styles. PHP has a functional, object-oriented, reflective, procedural programming style.
  • Python is More Flexible but isn’t as good for developing web -applications – It can be used to develop all kinds of software and applications. It is also perfectly suited for creating scientific applications, prototyping and applications that have to process huge amounts of data. It has a lot more flexibility than PHP but isn’t as good for developing web-applications.
  • PHP is better for Web-Development - PHP was designed with web-development in mind, thus it comes with loads of embedded web development features. Writing websites is easier to write in PHP than Python, since Python is a general-purpose programming language. But with the right third-party modules, Python can be a very effective web-development tool as well.
  • Python is More Secure - Python is considered to be one of the most secure programming languages out there right now. It has numerous security features that make it great for rapidly writing complex applications with specific goals and functions in mind.

PHP applications have a lot of security issues that can be tackled with additional tools that enhance their security.

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