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What is the difference between C++ and C# ?

  • C++ was designed to allow developers to use all of the existing features of C but provides a number of extensions to support object-oriented programming techniques in an intermediate-level programming language.
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    learn c# tutorial - c++ vs c# - c# Example

  • C# is a complete outlier in this list. Despite its name, it has far more in common with Java than C or C++.
  • There are many differences and similarities between C++ programming language and C#.
  • A list of top differences between C++ and C# are given below:
No. C++ C#
1) C++ is a general purpose, case-sensitive,
free-form programming language that supports object-oriented,
procedural and generic programming.
C# is pronounced as "C-Sharp". It is an
object-oriented programming language provided by
Microsoft that runs on .Net Framework.
2) In C++, multiple inheritance is possible. In C#, multiple inheritance is not possible.
3) In C++, memory management is handled manually. In C#, memory management is handled automatically.
4) In C++, pointers can be used anywhere in a program. In C#, pointers can be used only in unsafe mode.
5) C++ programming is based on OOPs concept. C# programming is based on Component and OOPs concept.
6) C++ is a programming language that runs on all platforms. C# is a programming language that rarely used outside Windows.
7) C++ programming can be used to create console applications. C# programming can be used to create console applications, Windows applications, Mobile applications, etc.

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