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What is static constructor in C# ?

  • C# static constructor is used to initialize static fields. It can also be used to perform any action that is to be performed only once.
  • It is invoked automatically before first instance is created or any static member is referenced.

Points to remember for C# Static Constructor

  • C# static constructor cannot have any modifier or parameter.
  • C# static constructor is invoked implicitly. It can't be called explicitly.


C# Static Constructor example

  • Let's see the example of static constructor which initializes the static field rateOfInterest in Account class.
using System;  

   public class Account  


        public int id;   

        public String name;  

        public static float rateOfInterest;  

        public Account(int id, String name)  


            this.id = id;  

            this.name = name;  
        static Account()  
            rateOfInterest = 9.5f;  
        public void display()  
            Console.WriteLine(id + " " + name+" "+rateOfInterest);  
   class TestEmployee{
       public static void Main(string[] args)  
            Account a1 = new Account(101, "Sonoo");  
            Account a2 = new Account(102, "Mahesh");  

C# examples - Output :

101  Sonoo   9.5
102  Mahesh 9.5

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