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What is Exception handling in C# ?

  • Exception Handling in C# is a process to handle runtime errors.
  • We perform exception handling so that normal flow of the application can be maintained even after runtime errors.
  • In C#, exception is an event or object which is thrown at runtime.
  • All exceptions the derived from System.Exception class. It is a runtime error which can be handled.
  • If we don't handle the exception, it prints exception message and terminates the program.
 Exception Handling

Exception Handling


  • It maintains the normal flow of the application. In such case, rest of the code is executed event after exception.

C# Exception Classes

  • All the exception classes in C# are derived from System.Exception class. Let's see the list of C# common exception classes.
Exception Description
System.DivideByZeroException handles the error generated by dividing a number with zero.
System.NullReferenceException handles the error generated by referencing the null object.
System.InvalidCastException handles the error generated by invalid typecasting.
System.IO.IOException handles the Input Output errors.
System.FieldAccessException handles the error generated by invalid private or protected field access.
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C# Exception Handling Keywords

  • In C#, we use 4 keywords to perform exception handling:
    • try
    • catch
    • finally, and
    • throw
 Try Catch Exception

Try Catch Exception

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