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What is static class in C# ?

  • The C# static class is like the normal class but it cannot be instantiated. It can have only static members.
  • The advantage of static class is that it provides you guarantee that instance of static class cannot be created.

Points to remember for C# static class

  • C# static class contains only static members.
  • C# static class cannot be instantiated.
  • C# static class is sealed.
  • C# static class cannot contain instance constructors.
Static Class

Static Class

C# static class example

  • Let's see the example of static class that contains static field and static method.
using System;  
   public static class MyMath  
       public static float PI=3.14f;   
       public static int cube(int n){return n*n*n;}  
   class TestMyMath{  
       public static void Main(string[] args)  
            Console.WriteLine("Value of PI is: "+MyMath.PI);  
            Console.WriteLine("Cube of 3 is: " + MyMath.cube(3));  
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C# examples - Output :

Value of PI is: 3.14
Cube of 3 is: 27

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