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C# For Loop

C# For Loop

What is for loop in C# ?

  • For loop statement is executes a sequence of statements multiple times and abbreviates the code that manages the loop variable.
 C For Loop Statement


for(initialization counter; test counter; increment counter) 
    code to be executed;
 c sharp for  loop

c sharp for loop

Syntax Explanation:

  • initialization: It is used to initialize the counter variables.
  • test counter: Evaluate for each loop iteration. If it evaluates to be TRUE, the loop continues. If it evaluates to be FALSE, the loop ends.
  • increment: It increase the loopcounter with a new value. It is evaluating at the end of each iteration.
  • execute the statement: It executes the statements.

Possible for loops :

for (int counter = 0, val1 = 10;  counter < val1; counter++)
for ( ; counter < 100; counter+=10)   // No initialization
for (int j = 0;   ;    j++)           // No conditional expression
for ( ; j < 10;  counter++, j += 3)   // Compound update
for (int aNum = 0; aNum < 101;  sum += aNum, aNum++)  // Null loop body
for (int j = 0,k = 10; j < 10 && k > 0;  counter++, j += 3)  

C# Sample Code - C# Examples:

using System;

namespace wikitechy_for_loop
staticvoid Main(string[] args)
for (int n = 5; n <= 10; n = n + 1)

Console.WriteLine("value of n is : {0}", n);


Code Explanation:

 C# for loop structure
  1. Here for (int n = 5; n <= 10; n=n + 1)int n=5 is an integer variable. which means the expression, (n>=10),conditionis true. Therefore, the conslole.writeLine namespace statement is executed, and n=n+1 gets incremented by 1 and becomes 10.
  2. In this example Console.WriteLine,the Main method specifies its behavior with the statement "value of n is: {0}".AndWriteLine is a method of the Console class defined in the System namespace. This statement reasons the message""value of n is: {0}"to be displayed on the screen.
  3. Here Console.ReadLine(); specifies to reads input from the console. When the user presses enter, it returns a string.

Sample C# examples - Output :

 C# for loop strcture output
  1. Here in this output the value of n is:5,6,7,8,9,10 will be printed until it reaches the last element "10".

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