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dfn tag

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  • <dfn> tag is defines the instance of the term in HTML pages.
  • <dfn> element is first use of term in a document.
  • <dfn> tag specifies the definition and explanation of the term inside the tag.
  • <dfn> tag supports Global and Event attributes.
  • <dfn> tag belongs to Flow content, Phrasing content, and Palpable Content Category.

Syntax for <dfn> tag in HTML:

<dfn>text here...</dfn>

Sample Coding for <dfn> tag in HTML:

Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
<html >
            <dfn>Wikitechy tutorials</dfn>
              is the easy learning website <br>
            <dfn>HTML</dfn>is said to be Hypertext Markup Language

Code Explanation for <dfn> tag in HTML:

Defining Instance <dfn> Tag Code Explanation

  1. <dfn> tag is used for the occurrence of the term will be displayed in italic form in HTML document.

Output for <dfn> tag in HTML:

Defining Instance <dfn> Tag Output

  1. Here the term “Wikitechy tutorials” and “HTML” is displayed in the italic form and it is said to be as a defining instance of the term.

Browser Support for <dfn> tag in HTML:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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