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li list tag in html

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  • <li> tag is defined as the list of the items.
  • Mostly <li> tag is used in <ordered list>, <unordered list>, <menu list>.
  • It has two attributes they are value and type.
  • Value is said to be number and type has 1, a, A, I, i, disc, square, circle.
  • It supports Global and Event Attributes.

Syntax for <li> tag :

<li> list item... </li>

Sample coding for <li> tag:

 Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
       <h3>List of Wikitechy Tutorials</h3>
       <ul type="disc"> 
          <li>WIKITECHY ANGULAR JS</li>
          <li>WIKITECHY HTML</li>
          <li>WIKITECHY CSS</li>

Code Explanation for <li> tag :

Code Explanation for <li> tag
  1. <li> tag is given for the content that will be displayed in list.

Output for <li>Tag :

Output for <li> tag

  1. Here the output shows the content in list.

Attributes of <li>tag:

Attribute Value HTML4 HTML5 Description
Yes No Used to define which kind of bullet point will be used.
Value number Yes Yes Specifies the value of a list item.

Browser support for <li> tag:

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

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