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  • The <main> tag defines the major content of an HTML document.
  • Inside the <main> element, the content should be genuine to the document.
  • The <main> element have not contained any content that is repeated across pages such as
    • sidebars
    • navigation links
    • copyright information
    • site logos
    • Search forms.
  • The <main> tag supports Global Attribute and Event Attribute.
  • The <main> tag belongs to flow content and palpable content.

Syntax for <main> tag:

<main>content</main >

Differences between HTML 4.01 and HTML 5 for <main> tag in HTML:

HTML 4.0.1

  • HTML 4 does not support <main> tag.


  • HTML 5 support <main> tag.

Sample Coding for <main> tag:

Tryit<!DOCTYPE html>
        <title>Wikitechy main tag</title>
            <h1>Wikitechy Tutorials</h1>
            <p>Wikitechy provide HTML, CSS tutorials for beginners</p>
                <h1>HTML Tutorial</h1>
                <p>HTML-Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to create a static
                web page.</p>
                <h1>CSS Tutorial</h1>
                <p>CSS-Cascading Style Sheets Specification is a computer 
                language that is used to write formatting instructions (rules).</p>

Code Explanation for <main> tag:

<main> Tag Code Explanation

  1. <main> tag is used to define the main content of a document.
  2. <article> tag defines the sub section of the <main> tag.

Output for <main> tag:

<main> Tag Output

  1. The output shows the main contents of the document.


Since main tag encloses the article tag, declaration of same <h1> tag will resemble smaller in font size compared main tag content declaration.

Browser Support for <main> tag in HTML:

6.0 12.0 4.0 5.0 11.1

Tips and Notes

  • There should not be more than one <main> element in an HTML document.
  • The <main> element should not be a child of
    • <article> element.
    • <aside> element.
    • <footer> element.
    • <header> element.
    • <nav> element.

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